Retirement Isn’t For Wimps

Retirement isn’t for wimps. It takes real integrity and fortitude to live without structure, to feel good about yourself despite the total absence of any outward encouragement. No promotions  or awards at work, no big financial deal coming down the pike…nothing but you trapped inside your own head, day  and night. You’re not even as cute as you once were, so people especially young people, tend to look past you, as if you were a utility pole.

Say in the past you had hidden a shopping addiction that you hid from yourself by occasionally earning unexpected sums of money. This monetary gravy allowed you to use money as a drug to change your mood. Not anymore. If you live in an emerging economy, then your pension from back home is enough to sustain you in a moderate way, provided you don’t do anything impulsive or foolish. Now if you have a shopping addiction, you’re keenly aware of it. In fact, unchecked it will soon become the major factor in your life. We could go so far as to say that anything you have used money, status, looks, or cleverness to avoid facing will soon become obvious to everyone, even you. That’s both the good and the bad news.

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