He was loathe to see himself as a foolish old man, but that’s exactly who he was. Dawn found him awakening from dreams full of regret. Opportunities squandered, promises broken. Other people had moved on, but not him. Not really. Sure, he moved across the globe to get a new start, but upon arriving he realized to his horror that he had brought himself along on the journey.

Sure, there were new people for him to meet, new women for him to snare, but what would be the point if it all ended up in the same mess he’d created many times before? He could claim that his intentions were good and always had been, but even he didn’t buy it. It was deception, pure and simple. No use continuing to fool himself.

The only way out of this would involve changing his behavior. He would have to learn to…

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As museums go, it was a real sleeper. Somebody had walked off with all the portable instruments, and the piano and organ were covered with mold. But I enjoyed the setting, nestled deep in several vacant lots.




The groundskeeper was neither talkative nor helpful, but he did cast a menacing air that might curb further vandalism.




There was a lunchroom just  down the road where the food was as cheap as one could hope for in these uncertain times.



Apparently, the museum’s director is a graduate of Moscow State University, but when he returned to his home country for “continuing education” he was never seen again.


GREECE. Mani. Pirgos Dirou. 1962. Woman at graveside. "A Greek Portfolio"


I’ve heard his wife took it pretty hard, and is now housed in a nearby rest home, at the end of the one of the vacant lots.

Discrimination is alive and well in Thailand

The Land of Smiles, they call themselves


Thailand is a signatory to a World Trade Organization agreement that forbids dual pricing for the same service based on nationality or race. Currently foreigners pay up to ten times as much to enter a national park as do Thai citizens.

I am currently unable to swim in my local swimming pool, for which I pay a yearly fee, because only Thai people are currently allowed to swim. The Covid-19 Pandemic is offered as the excuse for this discrimination.

Moving to a New Social Media Platform

mewee.com    This looks good.  Not creepy.  No censorship. Doesn’t turn you into a commodity for sale to advertisers.


Here’s my address on this new site. It costs $5 a month for full access, but considering the amount of time I spend online, that’s probably worth it if I can get my followers to move with me.






Clubby Geezers


When you’re surrounded by other people your own age and race, it gets clubby real fast. Assumed common values speed consensus and nobody thinks twice about offering an opinion. Here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have as many expat friends as I did my fellow students at University of Missouri. We all despised the Vietnam war and dreaded being sent against our will to the very region I now inhabit voluntarily.

Instead of eating army rations, I eat Thai food in incredibly affordable restaurants. My social security pension allows me a life of leisure. Since this is a Buddhist country and theft is rare, I spend little time worrying about my personal safety, though every day finds me riding a motorcycle through insane traffic, a clear and present danger, but rampaging scooters don’t hold a candle to mortar rounds or sniper fire.

Like all grumpy retirees, we like to complain…

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