I’ve been here ten years now. Left Iowa in 2012 and always thought something would bring me back, but nothing did. Lost a lot by not making better plans. Lost houses, everything I had in storage…in the long run, who cares? Not even me.

Here’s what the vegetation looks like around Chiang Mai.


4 thoughts on “2012-22

  1. Wow! 10 years. Yep, that sounds about right. We visited you their in 2012 right after you bought your first place. By coincidence, I was in Holland with Renee just this week.

  2. I‘ve purchased a RT ticket to the Midwest (1) to clear out my storage unit of almost 16 years (now costing nearly $180 a month!) and (2) attend my 51st high school class reunion (COVID delay).
    I wish I could adopt your light-hearted attitude, but my packrat bibliophilic addiction is apparently deeply rooted. Assuming the IC Post Office honors what their website says and still permits bulk bag shipment, a number of those books will come back to Portugal.

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