About Dan Coffey

Hey fellow Geezers! My name is Dan Coffey, and I’m a recently retired guy from the States who never really remembered to get a full-time job. And now I’m sure I don’t want one. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where a guy like me can live pretty well on social security.

My likes include power napping, impulse shopping and adopting irrational belief systems that ultimately prove demoralizing. My pet peeves are people who earn and save more money that me and girls who think I’m creepy.

If asked, I will sing like Elvis until everyone leaves the room. If not asked, I will do the same. Thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “About Dan Coffey

  1. I’ve seen current fotos of you. You are a fraud. You claim to be an old geezer yet you don’t look like you are any older than 40. What’s up with that?

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your IA Source columns. I especially liked the one on entertainment recently. It reminded me that entertainers have been ranked at or very near the bottom of the totem pole in the traditional societies and cultures of India and China for thousands of years. I’m not against entertainers but I agree with what you said. It’s a matter of balance. Too much is too much, and too superficial is yahoo home page and much else around here. Then others have to make up for it and that’s just as challenging, and less funny. Part of the solution is not to look too hard for a solution.

    Thanks again and Regards,


  3. Dan,
    I moved you up in the amazon rankings from xxx486 to xxx411 with Kindle purchase.
    Started reading…WIll post review around July 4th -10th


  4. Enjoy your humour and insights about the world and growing older. I’m thinking about visiting Chiang Mai. Could I get your email address?

  5. Wondered where life has taken you, Dan – glad to discover a bit about that. You name comes up often in conversations. Yer old Iowa comedy & radio pal, still in Seattle. = Gregg

  6. Dear Doctor Science,
    So this is what happens to guys with masters degrees…… in S C I E N C E !

  7. I really think the profits from your books should go to fight the ivory trade! Save the Asian elephants!

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