The Buddhists believe that desire and suffering are conceived at the same moment. I have decided that courtesy and shame have the same relationship. Here in Thailand, I have been attending public swimming pools for eight years now, and I realized that I have never seen a male Thai person’s penis. Thais are very shy, almost puritanical about nudity. There are many Thai couples who have never seen each other naked, even though they’ve had children together.

Thanks to happy ending massages and places like Pattaya and Patpong Road in Bangkok, where thousands of prostitutes line the streets, you’d think it would be otherwise here in the Land of Smiles, but no. You will never see a co-ed sauna here, nor any public displays of skinny dipping.

One of the first things babies here are taught is how to “wai” that hands together greeting made in front of the face…

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If there were ever a time to take action, it’s now. The time for normal score-keeping has elapsed, and we are now into Sudden Death Playoff. The next team to score wins the game. This may happen very soon, or after a while, but it will happen. The game will end.

If you’re a baby boomer who has always wanted to try something completely different once you’ve retired, then you have a limited amount of time to make that choice. Not choosing is a choice.

I’m not talking about going on vacation, but rather about relocating. Moving somewhere far away from your comfort zone in order to experience much more of the world before you die. You are going to die, right? I’m not suggesting you dwell on that fact, but being in denial about it isn’t going to get you where you want to…

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