Who Am I, Anyway?


Given the high levels of self-loathing among the young, it’s no surprise that celebrities of both sexes frequently choose to permanently mutilate their bodies, but it is amazing how often they go under the needle just to make themselves feel…whatever one feels after getting a tattoo.

Says Todd AO Vision, a well-known surfer/bodybuilder/yoga teacher who dabbles in extra and stunt work, “I might not know who I am from day to day, but my tattoos never change, unless I get a new one. My tats say more about me than I do. It’s comforting to know that they’re my brand, and that they’re always telling people how unique I am.”

Todd is not alone in this self-view. Therapists report that many of his contemporaries feel their tattoos are their “best friends,” their “greatest accomplishment,” and “the most valuable thing about them.”