And unlike what the Mormons think, it’s not in Missouri, but Northern Thailand, just west of Doi Pui, on a little road that doesn’t show up on Google maps. So I guess I found the back door to the Garden of Eden, which is even better, because now it’s a secret that only I can show you. Come visit and rent a scooter. It’s only about eight miles from my front door here in Mae Rim.


Inspiration Can Strike Anywhere

nice beach


A lot of people post pictures of perfect hotel bungalows on the beach, and it’s tempting to think “If only I were there, I’d know true peace of mind and finally be able to relax. I’d become inspired to undertake that major work, the one I’ve been preparing for my whole life to finally undertake.” Truth is, if I were there I’d probably drink one too many cups of coffee and writhe in anxiety about some imagined problem I left unsolved back home, wherever that might be.

Sure, I’d dive in the beautiful waves and swim around for a while, but then I’d want someone to pay attention to me, and that person would be busy with their smartphone, and so I’d start to sulk and then obsess about the aforementioned problem back home.

Yep. The problem with visiting paradise is you take yourself along on the trip.

The good news is there’s just as good a chance that inspiration and peace of mind will collide while I’m doing some kind of routine activity in a mundane setting. So there’s no reason to lose hope. And there’s no reason to not seek out paradise if you can find it.