Empty Pursuits


“You just run like a man with no reason to run

And no place to ever arrive.

You must be a prisoner
Look just like a prisoner
You must be a prisoner in disguise”

-J.D. Souther

The moment nothing made sense anymore was the moment he felt suddenly freed from all the compulsions that had hounded him for most of his life. Sex, shopping, travel. For some reason, even though most people recognize the addictive potential of sex and shopping, travel seems to have escaped their judgment. They’re making a mistake. Travel is an expensive and exhausting way to try to run away from yourself. The more you do it, the sooner you’ll realize you brought yourself along for the ride.

Exotic climes and younger women promise more than they deliver.

You can never get enough of what you don’t need.

But you have to do something with yourself, right?

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