Not Ready to Apologize



Many of the Agent Orange victims of our war effort in Laos and Vietnam are still alive. They are still hideously malformed, requiring constant care from family members. We have never apologized, much less sought to make things right. We have never offered to pay reparations of any kind.

When you search the Internet for Agent Orange Victims, you come up with posts about our soldiers who were injured dumping Agent Orange on Vietnamese and Laotian civilians, and the forests and farmland in which they lived. Many people ask for compensation to be paid to our soldiers, but nobody is suggesting we pay the people on whom we dumped this toxic chemical.

Nor has anyone suggested that the stockholders of Dow Chemical or Monsanto (now Bayer) ante up. That was a long time ago, and even though we were embroiled in an undeclared war, those unfortunate people were “the enemy.”

Speaking of undeclared wars, the conflict in Korea was also such an affair “a United Nations police action” enforced by the country who gave the world napalm. We dumped plenty of the sticky, jellied gasoline on North Korea, and night-time bombing runs by Curtis Le May’s newly formed Air Force burned millions of civilians to a crisp as they slept.

Neither the Korean or Vietnam Wars accomplished what they intended. After hostilities ceased, the borders remained as they were at the start. Millions dead, billions spent, and few lessons learned.


4 thoughts on “Not Ready to Apologize

  1. But I do apologize. I was an adult American when that happened. The brutality, the willingness to kick other humans in the teeth, shocked me then as it does now.
    But, yes. In our name and with our money. Breaks a patriot’s heart.
    “It’s a hard rain…

  2. Hi, Dan~ My iPad crapped out, so not on social media for near future. There’s no way to access the WordPress Comment section via Google on this ’99 Mac, so hoping you get this. This was a very powerful post! In very few words, you touch on an extremely important issue. I can’t believe the apathy I see all around me, and have pretty much withdrawn from having a social life because of major disconnects like this. With the new mandatory (as of 2020) chip that’s being implanted into all Driver’s Licenses, telling too much truth on social media will get you red-flagged. We are edging closer to having a total surveillance state that is now a reality in China.


    ps George Bush’s exact words in the wake of the takedown of that Iranian passenger plane in ’88: “I will never apologize for anything America does.”

  3. i got put in facebook jail for six weeks, couldn’t use messenger or facebook. I think it was because of my posts about zionism, but I have no way to prove that. then I made a video when I got out explaining that I had been blocked for six weeks and that video disappeared. These people aren’t playing games. Justin, I hope you find the bucks someday to travel to vietnam and meet the people. Also laos, right next door. It’s hard to explain what went down during those years. most vietnamese today think of it as something that happened to their grandparents.

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