Vintage Creepy Clowns (10)


I remember the first time I consciously lied. It hurt. I felt sick to my stomach, but I did it anyway. I’ve done it a few times since then, but it never feels any better. The only way you can continue to lie and not suffer the consequences is to develop a shield of self-justification. “Yeah I lied, but so what? He or She lies all the time…” That sort of thing. Or a really deluded person could convince himself that he was lying for the sake of other people who are too weak to handle the truth.

We now have a President who is a habitual liar. In him the habit is so deeply ingrained that he doesn’t seem to notice when he is lying. He certainly doesn’t seem to care. Past Presidents have been known to lie, but chances are they thought that was part of the job. I don’t think they lost sleep over it. This President, however, has taken the craft to new heights, and so far as we can tell enjoys it as a form of artistic expression. Like improvisational theater, or beat poetry.

The nation as a whole has changed in the last few years to regard the concept of absolute truth as merely one form of fiction. Everything is relative. Belief is at least as important as so-called facts. Many religious people regard their right to belief as sacrosanct. They have a right to own as many weapons as they see fit, and to believe whatever seems right to them. Impinge upon those rights at your peril.


2 thoughts on “Lying

  1. What the president down, IMHO, is not exactly lying. Lying implies that the truthfulness, or lack there of the statement is material. But with Trump int is not, and series philosophers have argues that that is precisely the distinction ton between lying and bullshit. With bullshit, truth is irrelevant. He says what will serve his interest, with conviction, as if it were true, but the truthfulness is irrelevant. The only relevant fact is: does it serve his interest.
    In other words, he is a bullshitter. Much of his bullshit is untrue, and he doesn’t care. But it’s not that he knows the truth and conceals it by lying. He just doesn’t care, and that’s bullshit.

  2. Oops! Too many typos. “What the president does . . .serious philosophers have argued.”

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