An Absurdly Beautiful Day


the ruined temple next door to our house


The weather is perfect. There’s a soft drone of crickets and insects who live in the grass. The Goldfish have already gobbled the food I gave them.  It’s late enough in the morning that the roosters have calmed down. A lone dog barks in the distance. A few cars pass by on the road outside.


If I can’t be happy today, when can I be happy? I’m not under criminal investigation. Nobody’s suing me. I don’t owe anybody money. I’m in good health, after a breakfast with friends I’ll probably go swimming and then get a massage.




4 thoughts on “An Absurdly Beautiful Day

  1. A question, where did all the bricks come from to make the temples in Thailand? They look similar in every area. We’re there brick kilns located everywhere in the country? Clay from the river banks?

  2. If not now, when?
    I find myself absurdly happy on days when there’s no man-made haze too. Same here today.
    We’ve been begging people to vote in the midterms for years and it’s finally happened. A good thing.
    Salmonella outbreak in turkeys being reported today. Just as we decided to smoke one in the Webber because my nephew Paul (the log cabin guy) and his partner, Nathen are visiting. Long story why. They’re part of my Decorah, Iowa family.
    Did you see the meteor crater just discovered in Greenland? Just like the ancient crater that Decorah sits in.
    I enjoy your notes from Thailand. ❤️

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