If there were ever a time to take action, it’s now. The time for normal score-keeping has elapsed, and we are now into Sudden Death Playoff. The next team to score wins the game. This may happen very soon, or after a while, but it will happen. The game will end.

If you’re a baby boomer who has always wanted to try something completely different once you’ve retired, then you have a limited amount of time to make that choice. Not choosing is a choice.

I’m not talking about going on vacation, but rather about relocating. Moving somewhere far away from your comfort zone in order to experience much more of the world before you die. You are going to die, right? I’m not suggesting you dwell on that fact, but being in denial about it isn’t going to get you where you want to…

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One thought on “ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN

  1. I really liked hearing the details of your personal journey. It takes a great deal of courage to do what you have done. I’d like to know more about the money aspect of living abroad. Taxes, SS, pensions etc. And do you have to come back to the states periodically like people do who have green cards here. maybe you have written about all these things. I’m a woman and I feel more insecure about a long term adventure alone. Would you slap me please and say get over it!
    I think you would Enjoy “30 degrees in February” which is a Swedish TV show you can watch on Netflix. Several stories of people ending up in Thailand.

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