Waiting for the Right Time



It’s too hot to go outside.  This is not a rare occurrence, for it’s been this way for a couple of months now. And the drought has made everything so ugly that there’s no reason to sight see. I’m stuck indoors in our one air-conditioned room, staring at my laptop. Usually this means that I’m browsing Facebook or YouTube in a hypnotized fashion, but now I’ve snapped out of it. I want to do something constructive.


Back as a graduate student in Iowa, when I wrote plays at the rate of one a week, I was at my most productive when the weather was at its worst. With few options, I was trapped in my room in front of my trusty Underwood. There was no internet back then. I didn’t even have a telephone. Had no credit card, ATM’s hadn’t been invented yet…how did I survive?


It’s easy to become bound to the circumstances of living and forget my main objectives. I start making excuses and blaming things outside myself for what I’m doing or failing to accomplish. Not this time. Not anymore.

I’m running out of time. Got to do what I’ve got to do now. There may not be many tomorrows.









3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Right Time

  1. We make our world, as you’ve illustrated. All you need is energy. Does that require youth? I hope not.

    I don’t understand: what’s the permission you want?

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