Why Isn’t Everybody Here?


Like many Americans on a fixed income (in my case social security) I found that I could not easily live in the States. So after traveling around a bit, I found Thailand, a perfectly delightful place. The food is good, the women are pretty and Thai massage is the best in the world.

Most costs are markedly lower than they are in the States, so much so that it makes you wonder which one of our leaders sold us down the river. Cell phone costs here are one-tenth of what they are back home, as are most medical costs, with the exception of pharmaceuticals, which are one-twentieth to one-fiftieth.

My smartphone bill for calls and seemingly unlimited Internet is $8 a month.  A new smartphone without the burden of a contract costs about $100. My rent on a two-bedroom house with a garden is $110 a month. A doctor’s visit costs me $12 (to see a specialist) My drug costs for two prescription medicines are $5 a month.

Housing is, in general, one-fifth, restaurant food about the same as housing, and transportation about one-third. So why doesn’t everybody in my economic position relocate?

Access to grandchildren? Too much stuff to get rid of? Vague yet crippling anxiety?


2 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Everybody Here?

  1. I think there are many reasons why everyone isn’t moving to be your neighbor, as beautiful and as delightful as it seems! Having been an expat for years and years, I have come to find that while I many many friends – close friends – that remain scattered around the world, I missed something I couldn’t find when I lived abroad – and that was – and continues to be – a shared sense of humor – an innate cellular sense of the world around me. I continue to love to travel. My husband and I talk about what we might do when our daughter graduates college – where we might want to go – to live for awhile – I truly understand your choices to move – the beauty, the ability to survive financially. That I truly get. But yes – I would miss being part of our daughters life more than anything else. There’s that too.

  2. I too love to travel. I would love to spend some time in Thailand. But where I am is home for me, I love living in Colorado and being close to the mountains here, I have friends and activities that I find very rewarding. I do think from time to time of what life would be in another part of the world, but so far the temptation is not great enough to make me leave a place that is my home.

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