Why Must I Worry About Retiring Cheaply?


Northern Thailand


Because if you’re like me and a lot of my friends, you fucked up. You forgot to get a real job or you mismanaged your money. That’s OK, some of us are like that. We still have good lives if we’re smart enough to get away while the going’s good. There are wonderful places where the cost of living is low enough so that even you can have a good life. Chances are these places are in the developing world. That can be a very good thing. The developing world is not as boring as the developed world.

Sure, you might have to learn a new language, but that’s not so bad, either. Fact is, people who don’t speak English aren’t necessarily stupid. Good health care is available almost everywhere for a price far lower than anything you can get in the United States. Of course if you need a really complicated, high-end procedure then it’s probably worth it to fly home and let Medicare handle it, or whatever your national insurance plan is called in the country you’re from. But if you can avoid that, do. Pay out of pocket. It won’t kill you, and then you’ll know the freedom of not feeling compelled to run away from your new home, a freedom from fear which will prove delightful on its own.


One thought on “Why Must I Worry About Retiring Cheaply?

  1. Re: speaking English. I had two friends who could speak five languages besides English. She’d grown up in Switzerland and moved here in 1950’s. So had a heavy accent. She was a skilled surgical nurse for heart operations. I noticed often when we were out together, English speakers often “talked down” to her and finally asked her if she was aware of it. She laughed and said “Oh sure, all the time”. Lesson learned. 😋

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