YouTube is a treasure trove of nuttiness. I happen to suffer from the dysfunction that allows me to at least temporarily believe any of the zillion conspiracy videos I watch. Instead of having a favorite TV show, I watch YouTube conspiracy videos.

They quickly sort themselves into familiar themes:

Aliens among us, stargate portals
9/11 was a false flag event, Kennedy Assassination was an inside job
The Illuminati run everything
The world is about to end and/or Jesus is about to return
The economy is about to collapse
Everything anyone in charge of anything has told you is a lie

I’m willing to entertain any of these concepts and the more I think about them, the more I think these guys are onto something. Except for the world is going to end videos, as they often have no real script, but are simply as mash of video stolen from zombie movies accompanied by dismal music and interrupted by occasional title cards.

These are not made by impassioned people with a message, but merely are attempts to get the uncritical viewer to stay on the video long enough to register with Google ads and impart the maker some sort of ad revenue.

I think these other people actually believe what they’re saying. Therein lies the amazing part.

As I type this, I’m listening to a reasonable-sounding man say that every new Pope is required to drink the blood of newborn babies, and that this has always been the case, and that the Rothchilds control the Vatican Bank, while the Illuminati were created by the Jesuits and all this is working together to…then the video ended, but that’s OK, in a second or two YouTube will give me another video in the same vein.


2 thoughts on “NUTTY?

  1. I automatically disregard anything that uses the phrase “false flag.” Other than that, I’m pretty much on board, especially the last statement: “Everything anyone in charge of anything has told you is a lie.” If you start with that assumption, the only surprises you get are good ones.

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