Succulents in the Berkeley Hills








I’ve been staying up here for a week now, and I still haven’t grown too accustomed to the plant life in people’s gardens to miss the beauty. It’s not tropical, it’s desert. Desert plants, probably native to Mexico, are what are being cultivated up here, and they’re weirdly striking compared to the tropical plants I’m used to seeing in Thailand.


One thought on “Succulents in the Berkeley Hills

  1. ….and, i have to notice, even some of these individuals could use a drink. Can you believe how droughty it is there? California is sinking two inches a year. Great good luck with your “last show”. I hope it is not since i’ve not seen it since the 1970s….? Are you all there and in rehearsals? I’ve got some peops in S.F. who have tickets. 🙂

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