Huay Tung Tao Resevoir and Park on a summer day

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Today was another beautiful summer day, much cooler than before now that the rainy season seems to be upon us.  We went to the reservoir, which was shockingly low, and my attempt to swim outside the roped in swimming area was immediately rebuffed by two men in a boat.  They didn’t used to have this, but apparently there was a drowning a month ago, and now they’ve forbidden swimming in general.  Well, no big loss.  It was just nice to have the option.  I still have the olympic sized pool at 700 year stadium, just down the road.

But the trees and foliage were scintillating this afternoon.  The light had a strange polarized quality, like it sometimes does before an eclipse. Everything seemed unnaturally beautiful, the way scenes projected in my mind’s eye do when I awake from a dream.


3 thoughts on “Huay Tung Tao Resevoir and Park on a summer day

  1. what about the mosquitoes..?… or spiders…?… or snakes..?… I’m from Minnesota where it is bad enough and trains/warns/prepares us for worlds like you are trapped in there…

  2. beautiful! so enjoy the shares. still mystified by how to make lighten the load and change the geography revolutions in life. mazel tov and keep teaching. thanks! ~rebecca r (*the one in iowa)

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