Restless and Discontented



Meet a hypothetical man on a plane flying to the wrong place with the wrong woman for the wrong reasons.

He’s going to Milan, the Serbian woman traveling with him is very beautiful, and all his expenses are being paid because he’s traveling on business.  Trouble is, he would rather be in Paris, travelling with a Lebanese beauty he just met, and he hates the work is being paid to do.  He would rather be on vacation.

Even though the airline has bumped him up to Business Class, he resents the fact that those in First Class have it better than him.  And least for the next few hours, he will stew in chronic dissatisfaction, keenly aware of the second-rate nature of his experience. As much as he tries to determine who is to blame, he cannot accurately attribute it to any one person or agency. His attempts to enjoy the movies available to him come to naught. He flips through all the selections, watching only minutes of each.  He cannot relax enough to focus on any one movie.  Even though he knows it’s probably not the case, he has a sneaking suspicion that the passengers in first class have access to better movies than these in front of him.  He is sure they can see movies that have not yet been released.

For some unknown reason, the less he does for his employer, the more he is valued.  The more cynical he becomes about the company and his role on it, the greater his bonuses.  He may well be on his way to an early vice-presidency. But not a day goes by when he doesn’t consider handing in his resignation.

The woman he is with spends most of her time resisting the offers of men who want her in a variety of ways for a myriad of services. In her presence he finds it all but impossible to not imagine himself with someone else.  Anyone else.  Again, the more aloof he becomes, the more she tries to please him.  He has that effect on people, and it doesn’t bring him or anyone else an ounce of happiness.


2 thoughts on “Restless and Discontented

  1. I met this guy once. I got bumped to first class where an irritable child got a nice big pillow. Then this malcontent guy demanded one, too, shortly after he complained aloud about “not paying to ride in a nursery.”

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