advice you would do well to keep



  1. Always pick up hitchhikers. They are usually angels in disguise.
  2. Never date a woman who feels like “family.” She probably has many more problems that she initially seems to, and the reason she feels familiar is because you’ve already been down this road before. Look where it led you the last time!
  3. Don’t struggle to read books you find boring. There are plenty more out there that will delight and inspire you. The time you spend plowing through a laborious read is time you are taking away from the delightful ones.
  4. Anything you cheerfully give away will come back to you in some form. If you give reluctantly, you will indeed lose out.
  5. Most things worth doing are harder than they initially seem to be and will take longer to accomplish than you had hoped. But they’re still worth doing.
  6. If you don’t want a haircut, don’t hang around barbershops.
  7. If you don’t want to buy something on impulse, don’t troll through Amazon or eBay.
  8. You can’t spend your way out of debt.
  9. When somebody says “Honestly….,” or “To tell the truth…,” that means he’s lying.
  10. People without hidden problems and addictions usually don’t need to borrow money.
  11. If somebody asks you a question and wants you to give an immediate answer, that proves they don’t have your best interests at heart. At times like that, it’s best to say “Let me get back to you.”
  12. Young women who are addicted to their cell phones do not make good girlfriends.
  13. When two vampires are working a crowded room, they spot one another immediately.
  14. If you are an older man and an attractive woman in her early twenties assures you that she likes older men, that means she thinks they’re easy prey.
  15.  Many people are waiting for a miracle to get them out of a situation of their own making. Wouldn’t it be easier simply to learn the lesson and forget about miracles?
  16. Never buy the cheapest or the most expensive of anything.
  17. Most things that are supposedly being sold at a “sale” price, aren’t really any cheaper than they were before this supposed promotion began. The “sale” is simply a snare for those prone to impulse buying, which is itself a compulsion and resistant to logic.
  18. Young men who drive recklessly and identify strongly with beer brands have little to offer anyone until they grow up. For a variety of reasons, this may never happen
  19. Most people are working for the Man, but have deluded themselves into thinking that it’s just a temporary state of affairs. It isn’t.
  20. The longer you continue to lie to yourself, the harder it is to do something about it.



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