Ukelale Ike

This is a photo of Ciff Edwards, aka Ukulele Ike, Hannibal Missouri native and best-selling singer in the 1930’s. By the time Walt Disney gave him an audition for the role of Jimminy Cricket in Pinnochio, Cliff was living in a rooming house and quietly drinking himself to death. He sold millions of records, appeared in many movies, usually musical reviews or college comedies as the Jack Black character the chubby, funny guy who never got the girl. His hauntingly pure singing voice is a wonder, and his instrumental facility was extremely high, but nobody in Hannibal, Missouri has ever heard of him. You can go to that town and stay at the Becky Thatcher motel, eat at the Tom and Hunk cafe, but I guarantee you the waitress will have never heard of Cliff Edwards.


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