Is there a place nobody you know has ever been?

Go there. It might suck, it might be interesting,  and at least part of the time it might be great. When we look at travel as if it should be just one thing, something predictable and describable, then we cut off most of  the possible. Most of the world does not fit into a travel brochure, an itinerary, or a Google Earth tag. If there´s no downside, then the upside won´t be very great, either. I can´t wait to visit a few countries in South America that have so far eluded me. I just want to make sure I have enough time and money to do the place justice. A three-day visit is nothing but a tease.

Reading too much about the place before you go there is a sure-fire way to talk yourself out of going there, especially since most travel blogs are written by young backpackers, and co ntain all the coherence  and substance of a Twitter post.

And if it turns out to be not-so-great, don’t be afraid to say so. The Internet is full of foolish hype and gushing praise for the commonplace or just plain lame. Don´t add to it.

Having wasted time and money searching out a place that was vastly oversold, I found myself wishing I could find the guy who wrote those posts. Don´t be that guy.


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