The New Show Biz

Youtube is the people´s video outlet, and it´s only a matter of time before a new celebrity arises who has made his or her career entirely from Youtube postings. That person just might be me.

I propose to launch a career as an end-times expèrt-  All consipracy theories will intertwine in me. Alien abductions, the Pope as Antichrist, the coming economic collapse, false flag terrorist events, One World Government, David Rockefeller, Area 51…I´ll speak decisively and with authority. America needs more authorities, and especially those prepared to go way out on an illogical limb. I am prepared to be that person. Everything I proclaim will have long ago been predicted by Bible prophesy, or the cryptic utterances of Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus. I will ask a lot of rhetorical questions and then never really get around to answering them, but leave them floating in the air, adding an air of scholarship to all the I say. It will seem like science.


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