Do my desires make me happy? If not, why do I try so hard to satisfy them?

Just because I like bananas for breakfast doesn’t mean if I move to a banana republic I’ll be happier than where I am now. Right now in Iowa, there’s snow on the ground and it gets below zero at night. In such an environment, it would be normal to dream of a sunny beach, but such a beach isn’t guaranteed to change my mood in the long run, or for longer than it takes to take a swim and dry off. After all, it’s just a beach.

As I write this, I’m on a stretch of sand much greater than any beach. The weather is pleasant, but I’m not particularly happy at this moment. I’m restless and discontent. I’m in Dubai, and I keep thinking I ought to be somewhere else, somewhere I’ve never been before.

Far more important than quickly reacting whenever I get a hankering or an urge, would be to sit still long enough to process the emotion, and figure out if change is even called for. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe the best, if most difficult thing to do is nothing at all. Stay where I am. Deal with it.


4 thoughts on “Do my desires make me happy? If not, why do I try so hard to satisfy them?

  1. get the hell out of there… you’ve covered it… hit the nail… more than once… you’ve got good picture/art… except no photos of PEOPLE????

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