The Unforgiving Nature of Sand

Being surrounded by vast stretches of sand creates a vista that is unforgiving when it comes to litter. Many a view of a pristine dune is ruined by a flattened plastic water bottle of a colored plastic bag.  With little or no vegetation to hide in or under, the detritus of modern life is on proud display, especially along roads. Why they haven’t banned plastic bags and bottles is a puzzle, because even with tens of thousands of laborers in purple jump suits patrolling the roadways, this stuff is everywhere. Sand and wind could theoretically hide it, but it’s a slow process, and the lightest stuff avoids being buried and just blows along the surface. At the edges of fences you can find hundreds of plastic water bottles, and little plastic bags, baking in the sun.


2 thoughts on “The Unforgiving Nature of Sand

  1. I agree with you totally about the need to ban plastic bottles and plastic bags. These discarded item create havoc in our environment. Thousands of fish, turtles and other sea life die everyday from trying to consume such items. Not to mention the financial and transportation cost to produce these items, which is byproduct of oil.

    We need to follow the example of the City of San Francisco, which not only banned the use of plastic bags, but the sale of bottled water.

    All product packaging should be biodegradable by law.

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