Dubai is a Truly International City

In the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve probably run into twenty different nationalities. Russians, Indians, Filipinos and Arabs mostly, but not all Arabs are from the same place, and Iranians aren’t Arabs, and there’s just a big world out there that we don’t see represented in the same numbers back in the Midwest. Thailand was full of expatriates too, but most of them weren’t there trying to make a living. You get the idea that most people here are trying to get ahead financially. That’s why they’re here in the first place. It’s not cheap to live here, and although massage and prostitution exist, they’re not affordable by geezers on a pension. So it’s a different scene entirely than I’m used to. In my travel experience, I’ve never run into anything quite like this. Nicaragua is mostly full of Nicaraguans, and Argentina, Argentinians.  But foreigners outnumber Arabs here 11 to 1. 


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