Rode to Chiang Dao, 45 miles north of Chiang Mai

This time on a whim, on my motorbike. Just had to get out of town on the spur of the moment. Traffic was mercifully light. It threatened rain he whole way, but nothing materialized, at least at the lower elevations. Six thousand foot mountains come right up to the highway, and I managed to find a road that went straight up for at least half of that. It was chilly and slippery up there, and there were lots of trucks barreling down the driveway-sized road, trucks who naturally expected me to get out of their way. I took some pictures and headed back to town, staying this time at Malee’s Nature Lover’s Guesthouse. Last time I stayed at the Chiang Dao Nest, next door. They’re both near the Chiang Dao cave, which is enormous and filled, of course, with statues of Buddha.



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