Ho Hum

It’s Easy to Blame the Place

But chances are, you’re to blame if you’re not having fun. Enjoyment doesn’t come from outside. It’s a choice you make to let the outside in. More than a feeling, it’s an action. A decision.

Thailand has everything I need to enjoy myself, but sometimes I find that I’m not, because I’ve run out of ideas or energy. My fixed concepts have built a prison, and even though I’m holding the keys to my cell, I can’t find the energy to insert them in the lock and open the door. So I lie on my cot, moaning, waiting for something to change.

Real change will only happen if I extend myself and try something new, or decide to see the value in something I’ve already dismissed. Ho-hum, another massage. Another restaurant, big deal. Another beautiful, smiling person, another diligent tailor offering custom-made clothing. Where’s the nearest McDonalds?


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