We’re going to…


We’re going to Vietnam next week. I started reading about the place, my knowledge of it limited to the War of 40 years ago (which we lost. Fact facts, y’all, we pulled out, they took Saigon and renamed it Ho Chi Minh City. That means they won)  In that war, the Vietnames lost two million people and the U.S. forces lost fifty-eight thousand (with 300,000 wounded.

I remember being on a Peace March in Washington D.C., where I yelled the name of a dead soldier as I shuffled in line past the White House. Nixon wasn’t home to hear it. Back then you could get close to the White House. Now there are concrete bomb barriers everywhere. We were chanting “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, NLF is gonna win!” Little did we know at the time that our chanting was prescient.

Anyway, today in Vietnam, over half of the population of 87 million is under the age of thirty. Only ten percent are over the age of sixty. This Geezer is going to be special over there.

Hope they don’t hold a grudge.


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