I don’t have enough money saved

How much money you need is totally determined by how much you will need to spend. If you have a shopping compulsion, or need to buy extremely expensive things, then you’ll need more money. Some people always spend more money than they have. Wherever they call home, these people will never know the freedom of living within their means. No matter how cheaply it is possible to live in a country, they won’t be able to live there without going into debt and agonizing over money.

I don’t have enough guaranteed income

Again, how much will you really need? If you neighbors are all doing fine on $800 a month, can’t you manage on $1400?

I’ll be too far away from my family

You family can come visit, and they will probably enjoy doing so more than having you visit them where they live. Sure, it will cost quite a bit in plane tickets, but then you’re saving so much money living outside the States that surely you can eventually save enough to help them visit.

Insufficient medical care available

This notion is absurd. Top notch medical care is available all over the world for those who can pay for it, and since medical costs in the States are four to ten times higher than in most other places, this is not really an issue. If you’re lucky enough to have medical coverage in America, then that coverage will extend to the rest of the world. If not, count yourself lucky to live somewhere where going to the doctor won’t bankrupt you.


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