Clarion Call!


What are you waiting for? If not now, when? If not you, who?

Most people have a vague intention of someday, somewhere, finally not worrying about money anymore and doing what they have really wanted to do all along. Sadly, for many, that day will never arrive.

The fact is, the older we get, the less likely we will have the latitude to make this choice. The more likely we will be caught between a rock and a hard place when we finally decide, too late, to take the leap.

Our biggest fears about money and family can be addressed. Fact is, in between the Internet and jet travel, there really isn’t much of an obstacle to visiting with loved ones if the desire exists to do so. Sure, air travel can be expensive, but think of all the money you’re saving my living abroad.

So there are ways to retain the same or greater levels of intimacy with friends and family if the will to do so exists, but without the will, you will always find excuses why you can’t do what you want. And that’s a prison you can’t break out of, because you already hold the keys.

The fact is, we are all going to die, and so will our loved ones. Sitting around waiting for this to happen is absurd and tragic. In fact, waiting for anything to happen is a guaranteed drag. Patience is the absence of ants in your pants, but that’s not the same as inertia based on fearful projection. Patience is a virtue. Waiting is a drag.

So, we have choices we can make. Getting older isn’t one of them. What we do as we age is. Not choosing is a choice.





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