As laughable as it is grotesque



Nobody, not even the Geezers themselves, wants to see them unclothed. Some of them might be temporarily off their meds, or might have taken twice the daily dose by mistake, but even then their erratic behavior will not strike anyone as sexy or charming.


Fortunately, developing countries that attract retirees on fixed incomes appreciate the income they provide, and so do their best to be good hosts, sometimes overlooking behaviors that might warrant a fine or even arrest back home.


All the Geezers anxiously await Geezer Gone Wild Week, which actually only lasts three days, because none of the participants can endure seven days of anything. Heavily attended activities include Power Napping, Watching Reruns of the Love Boat, and Griping About Young People Nowadays.



One thought on “As laughable as it is grotesque

  1. Geezer’s gone wild, “funny” I can’t wait even though Im almost in geezehood now.

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